Half of home garages no longer used for cars say RAC

Half of home garages no longer used for cars say RAC

A study conducted by RAC Home Insurance suggests we have become a nation of hoarders with our garages capturing the overspill from our homes as nearly half (4.6m) of British garages are no longer being used to store cars.

39% admitted garages were so full of household items they could no longer fit their car in. 9% of those who do not keep their car in the garage said it had been converted into extra living accommodation whilst 36% have turned it into a workshop for hobbies and DIY and almost one in 10 (8%) use it as a gym.

The research revealed the top five items kept in the garage, other than a car, are:

  • DIY tools – 76%
  • Decorating kit, ladders etc – 67%
  • Gardening equipment –  64%
  • Sports and gym equipment –  49%
  • Bikes and scooters – 47%

RAC Home Insurance spokesman Simon Williams says: “The findings of our research appear to indicate that there is an issue with the design of houses as people do not have enough space to keep all their possessions in the house itself and many garages are so small that anyone in the car has to perform a contortionist act to get out.

“For all those who use their garage for extra storage, security is an important issue to consider as they are relatively easy targets for thieves looking for high value items such as bikes and tools.”

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