Make Time for Tyres: Motor Ombudsman launches new safety campaign

Keeping tyres in top condition all year round

Make Time for Tyres: Motor Ombudsman launches new safety campaign

The Motor Ombudsman has launched its new tyre safety campaign, “Make Time for Tyres,” at the UK Garage & Bodyshop Event. This initiative aims to remind drivers of the importance of regularly checking their tyres’ pressure, tread depth, and overall condition.

The campaign comes ahead of the busy summer holiday season, when many drivers hit the road. Bill Fennell, Chief Ombudsman at The Motor Ombudsman, emphasises:

“Checking tyres is a vital part of pre-holiday preparations.” However, the campaign stresses that tyre care is an “all year-round commitment.”

Supported by TyreSafe and tyre safety campaigner Sophie Lyden (Westgate Tyres in Morecambe), “Make Time for Tyres” utilises eye-catching posters for garages to display and social media graphics to reach consumers. These resources encourage drivers to prioritise tyre checks and highlight the importance of using the correct tyres for different seasons, referencing The Motor Ombudsman’s previous winter tyre safety campaign.

Garages can download and print posters featuring QR codes directing customers to The Motor Ombudsman’s website for tyre maintenance tips and resources. Additionally, engaging social media content and short videos featuring Sophie Lyden will be released in the coming weeks.

“Make Time for Tyres” demonstrates industry collaboration thanks to Sophie Lyden, a depot manager at a Motor Ombudsman-accredited garage, she highlights the importance of the campaign, stating:

“Checking tyres is a critical aspect of vehicle safety… a few minutes of checks could make all the difference.”

Sophie became a tyre safety advocate after the pandemic, when Westgate Tyres began to notice customers’ tyres were in poor condition after being sat, not used throughout much of 2020. That, coupled with a crash right outside the garage spurred Sophie into action.

By using social media to create funny, relatable short-form content, Westgate Tyres and Sophie have gained over 4,000 followers across different platforms. The Motor Ombudsman then approached her to help front their new tyre safety campaign.

Sophie also won ‘Inspiring Female’ at the Automechanika UK Garage Awards last week during UKGBE. Congratulations, and keep up the much-needed advocacy work.

Stuart Lovatt, Chair at TyreSafe, applauds the initiative, emphasising the importance of raising awareness about tyre safety year-round.

For more information and tyre safety resources, visit The Motor Ombudsman’s website by clicking here.

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