Automotive aftermarket body FIGIEFA releases “working for you” video

New video explains how FIGIEFA protects the interests of independent garages

Automotive aftermarket body FIGIEFA releases “working for you” video
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Automotive aftermarket trade body, FIGIEFA has release a new video to explain how its work protects the interests of independent garages.

The body gets involved with the EU legislative agenda on issues concerning the automotive industry sector, particularly those related to the vehicle parts and servicing market.

The latest video has been released as part of its ‘working for you’ campaign.

What does FIGIEFA do?

FIGIEFA’s role is to monitor and accompany the development of European and International legislation affecting the automotive aftermarket and to represent the interests of its members towards European and international institutions.

The trade body informs European decision-makers about the substantial contribution of the independent automotive aftermarket to achieving the EU’s goals for a competitive European economy, the environment and road safety.

It argues that the market for vehicle replacement parts, servicing and repair fosters job creation, supports a healthy environment and promotes free consumer choice in auto care.

Automotive aftermarket threats

A large coalition representing the automotive aftermarket and consumers is currently calling on the European Union to take on board its proposal for a Secure On-board Telematics Platform (S-OTP) when legislating on access to in-vehicle data.

Publishers of technical information, body repairers, dealers and workshops, garage equipment suppliers, tyre manufacturers, road patrols, parts distributors and leasing and rental companies, have provided technical and commercial arguments in the document entitled “Creating a level playing field for vehicle data access: Secure On-board Telematics Platform Approach”.

FIGIEFA says the document outlines the “only solution guaranteeing true consumer choice, effective competition and independent entrepreneurship in a secure and technology-neutral manner”.

A FIGIEFA spokesperson said: “With the advent of the connected car, competition now starts in the vehicle where the ability to safely and securely access car data, functions and resources determines the quality of the service.

“The intention of the S-OTP is therefore to ensure that consumers can still choose and rely on service providers, many of them SMEs, to benefit from innovative, competitive and affordable services and products, improving road mobility, safety and sustainability.

“To do so, service providers have to be able to compete with all mobility stakeholders, some of whom might be tempted to act as gatekeepers through proprietary access methods to in-vehicle data.”

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