Batman fanatic filmed driving batmobile on Glasgow M8 unmasked

Scott Russell went viral after a video of him driving the vehicle while in costume was released on Twitter

Batman fanatic filmed driving batmobile on Glasgow M8 unmasked
Dad-of-one Scott Russell says he is often filmed driving in his custom motor. Image: Twitter / MrThomson78.

Batman superfan Scott Russell, 50, has been unmasked by the Scottish Sun as the caped crusader that left drivers baffled as they spotted him along the Glasgow M8.

Scott revealed that he has spent more than £5,000 converting his Mitsubishi Lancer into the batmobile and completed his look by donning a Batsuit when travelling to charity events.

“Batman is just an inconic figure, he’s all about good, he’s there fore people,” explained Scott of Johnstone, Renfrewshire.

“I’ve always been a fanatic but the Dark Knight is the film that did it for me, I think I’m going to base it on that.”

The custom motor not only boasts unique paintwork but also has Batman hubcaps, the headlights project the iconic Bat-signal and the registration plate dons the famous “protect the city” motto.

“I wanted to do something really out there with the car, I’ve had it for five years but a lot of garages laughed when I went to them with my idea,” he added.

Scott recently went viral when a video of him giving a thumbs up to a lorry driver while driving down the Glasgow M8 surfaced.

Fortunately, after perservering the dad-of-one who works as a dispatch controller for a courier firm was able to find the right garage for the job.

What are the strangest modification requests you’ve had at your workshop? Tell us your experiences below.

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