“Best-selling” workshop tools to be showcased to garages by The Parts Alliance

Milwaukee's automotive tool VW Transporter van will help factors demonstrate stock to garages

“Best-selling” workshop tools to be showcased to garages by The Parts Alliance
The Parts Alliance will be using an all-new Milwaukee tool van to showcase its 'premium' tool range to garages.

The Parts Alliance has introduced a brand new Milwaukee tool van to its garage essentials fleet, helping the team to demonstrate its ‘premium-quality’ tool range to garages all over the country.

Demonstrating the wide range of Milwaukee’s best-selling automotive tools, the VW Transporter is fully liveried in red and black, bearing both the ‘Garage Essentials’ and ‘Milwaukee’ branding.

This latest addition takes the total number of vans operated by The Parts Alliance to eight, and allows the garage essentials team to demonstrate the range regionally, with the help of staff from local branches who have already forged good relationships with the garages in their areas.

“These vans are invaluable resource for the Garage Essentials team,” explained John Wright, product marketing director at The Parts Alliance.

“The most useful sales tool at our disposal is still often the ‘doorstep demo’, allowing customers to interact with the products and see the quality first hand.”

Garages can pose product questions

Such garage visits also give the team the opportunity to respond to any practical questions technicians might have, doubling up as an informative training exercise too.

Products won’t be sold directly from the van, instead orders are made with the local branch representative on account for next day delivery.

Garages interested in seeing the Milwaukee tool van should keep an eye out with their local branch of The Parts Alliance.

You can find out more about The Parts Alliance and its services to the independent automotive aftermarket by clicking ‘more details’ below.

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