Blue Print highlights brake discs as its “hot product of the month”

Over 7,000 braking components available including calipers, master cylinders and ABS sensors

Blue Print highlights brake discs as its “hot product of the month”
Brake discs are Blue Print's 'hot product of the month'.

Blue Print is underlining the vital importance of braking components to the safe running of vehicles and the safety of other road users.

Blue Print’s braking range is comprehensive, covering all areas and assuring safe braking performance. 

Offering more than 7,000 braking components, as well as brake discs, Blue Print’s braking range also includes pads, shoes, calipers, wheel cylinders, master cylinders and ABS sensors.  

A Blue Print spokesperson said: “The key to optimum performance is the quality of components being fitted to ensure service life and avoid excessive wear between service intervals. 

“All parts are researched, designed and manufactured to match or exceed OE specifications and in accordance with ECE-R90 regulations, as well as a ‘three year unlimited mileage warranty’ against manufacturing defects, guaranteeing quality and trust.”

Regular quality testing

Each braking component undergoes stringent and regular quality testing to ensure maximum safety and long service life. 

The spokesperson added: “To be competitive, some manufacturers cut their production and distribution costs by reducing the quantity and quality of materials used during manufacture. 

“Reduced weight can affect the discs ability to dissipate heat, which can have a detrimental effect on the efficiency of your brakes. 

“Cutting costs often means cutting quality, which can lead to more problems down the road with drivers experiencing issues such as brake judder.” 

A major cause of brake judder is disc thickness variation (DTV), which is commonly misdiagnosed as ‘warped’ discs according to Blue Print.

This occurs when the brake disc becomes worn in a single area of the disc’s surface and is often caused by excessive run-out.  

Common signs of failure are noisy brakes, where screeching/ scraping or squeaking sounds can be heard. 

Increased stopping distances and vibrations from the brakes are other signs of wear.

Lasting performance

Blue Print’s brake discs have anti-corrosion paint applied, ensuring long-lasting performance, as well as being balanced to minimise resonance and torsional vibration.

Blue Print also tests its brake discs with salt spray to ensure corrosion resistance.  

The braking range can be located on partsfinder by following the ‘more details’ link below.

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