Bosch launches KTS 350 all-in-one tool

Diagnostic tool features tablet PC and integrated communication module

Bosch launches KTS 350 all-in-one tool
Bosch KTS 350.

The new KTS 350 from Bosch provides a solution for control unit diagnosis, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair.

With a boot up time of 45 seconds and ESI[tronic] 2.0 already installed and configured, the tool is ready to use and saves time during each service.

The processor, four gigabytes of RAM and 256-gigabytes SSD program memory combined with the Windows 10 operating system, ensures fast working.

Windows 10 also facilitates the installation of additional applications for integration into existing workflows.

Parallel channel communication, also found on the KTS 560 and 590, allows communication to more than one CAN system simultaneously.

It also allows the tool to perform PassThru, the ability to enter the OEM portal and access updates required for the vehicle.

The PassThru interface allows the technician to reprogram the control units via the portals of the vehicle manufacturers, and to access information and ECU programming downloads that the vehicle manufacturer requires.

Further reducing upload times, the KTS 350 also has Diagnostics over Internet Protocol (DoIP) capability.

Currently unique to Bosch products, it allows the tool to be used with vehicles just entering the aftermarket.

It still supports all current and common vehicle interfaces.

Additional training

Bosch’s diagnostic offering is complemented by training available from the Uxbridge based Bosch Service Training Centre.

The centre provides training opportunities for those looking to upskill and develop essential knowledge, including those who realise the potential of benefitting from further diagnostics expertise and planning to get the most from their diagnostic investment.

Bosch’s Diagnostic Technician Programme is a comprehensive suite of training developed to provide a complete introduction to diagnostics.

More information can be found by clicking ‘more details’ below.

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