Brand urging garages to offer preventative belt drive maintenance to customers

Garages asked to replace belt kits every time a belt is removed to prevent overheating engines

Brand urging garages to offer preventative belt drive maintenance to customers
All-in-one Micro-V belt kit available from Gates.

Gates, the manufacturer of power transmission solutions, is advising garages to adopt its new ‘Think System’, which they hope will prevent expensive belt drive system failures.

‘Think Smart’ is a new campaign designed to highlight the benefits of preventive maintenance by garages.

It’s a campaign that will point garages to complete solutions available from Gates, add value to job cards and improve customer service, the company said.

Serious consequences

Unexpected accessory belt drive systems failures can have serious consequences, according to Gates:

• Overheating engine
• Sudden loss of power at a crucial time
• Loss of power steering

The complete all-in-one belt solutions from Gates include:

• Micro-V Kits (OE quality Micro-V belt(s) plus all matching OE-quality metal components and accessories)
• Micro-V Kits Plus Water Pumps (above plus matching OE-quality water pump)

Garages are being advised by Gates that the best time to recommend a kit replacement is whenever the belt is removed.

They are also recommending other critical repairs that might also be worthwhile to other components in the system that are all connected to the belt such as:

• Alternator
• A/C compressor
• Water pump or power steering pump

Protecting customers

Gates has stated the best way to protect customers from an expensive system failure is to replace all wear parts after four years (or 100,000km/62,000 miles), or when obvious signs of wear and tear are noted.

“Restoring the complete system with perfectly matched OE-quality components from the appropriate belt kit prevents costly comebacks and one warranty covers all of the parts,” says Gates.

Gates Corporation is a manufacturer of application-specific fluid power and power transmission solutions.

Find out more about Gates and its solutions by clicking ‘more details’ below.

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