BREAKING: Nebula Systems vehicle diagnostics set to disrupt sector

Pre-orders and free demos of cloud-based diagnostics available now ahead of official launch next week

BREAKING: Nebula Systems vehicle diagnostics set to disrupt sector
The new MECH5 diagnostics system is a secure, cloud-based, vehicle data analytics platform that can help garages access the wealth of data within the ECUs of modern vehicles.

A truly innovative cloud-based diagnostics tool is set to disrupt the garage aftermarket sector when it is launched on November 28 by Nebula Systems, a member of the RAC Group of Companies. is not only offering the most flexible diagnostics available on the market but also an entirely new business model by taking out the need for costly hardware and software updates.

By leveraging the flexibility and reliability of Microsoft’s Azure cloud, MECH5 will deliver a highly powerful diagnostics system into the hands of mechanics and garage owners across the UK and the world, including members of the RAC Approved Garages network.

A lean, efficient and highly scalable internet infrastructure removes cost for all parties as Nebula Systems can support and develop a single platform, while garages avoid the cost and hassle of maintaining or updating specific IT hardware.

Real-time data

Instead, all customers now gain access to real-time information and automatic updates every time they login on-line.

Microsoft’s Azure cloud gives MECH5 flexibility that will encourage and embrace cloud connectivity to other platforms for technical data, technical support and eventually parts ordering. Coverage will initially closely follow the industry-leading DEC Superscan scantool which is part of the Nebula Systems core tool-set.

Andrew Steer, CEO of Nebula Systems, said: “We’re enabling the democratisation of diagnostics, making this technology available to everybody from the small independent garage, up to nationwide dealerships.

“There’s no longer any big outlay required and technicians can also work from any device, even a smart phone if they really want to.”

Nebula is part of the RAC which is leveraging the flexibility and reliability of Microsoft’s Azure cloud to support MECH5’s core infrastructure.

Nick Walker, RAC telematics managing director said: “This solution brings a revolutionary business model to an industry that has moved at a slow pace for years.

“MECH5 is the first of a range of services that RAC and Nebula Systems will bring to market based on Microsoft technologies.”

MECH5 comprises a small ‘MECH5 VCI’ – a Bluetooth OBD vehicle communications interface – plus a flexible pay-as-you-go internet subscription.

With the RAC Approved Garage network set to gain access to MECH5 as part of their association package, the roadside breakdown specialists will ensure the highest standards of technical competence, supporting their stated aim of offering good quality reliable garages to UK motorists.

Garages can pre-order online today, or register for a free demo account, simply by clicking ‘more details’ below.

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