Brexiteer selling number plate for a massive £4,000

Owner hopes to make more than four times the amount he initially paid out for private registration number

Brexiteer selling number plate for a massive £4,000
Shaun Craigie with his prized plate.

A man who backed the Brexit campaign is now selling his ‘UK20 OUT’ number plate for more than £4,000.

Shaun Craigie paid £400 for the private registration but now expects to make more than ten times the amount of money he initially paid out for it.

The leave voter purchased the plate fee reading about the demand for similar registration plates.

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He said: “The number plate is historic – it is the only plate to mark this time in history. It speaks for itself really.

“It was something in the newspapers about other number plates which got me thinking.

“I thought what about ‘UK20 OUT’ and it was there for £400.

“I think I can get more than £4,000 for it at auction.”

The design is to the only Brexit related slogan to hit the roads this year with combinations such as “EU20 BYE” still available.

A spokesperson for National Numbers said: “If you aren’t buying a new vehicle in 2020, these plates also make a great collector’s item to hold on a certificate which you can do immediately.

“With the added option of being able to add one to your new car once we leave the EU, the 20 plate series offers up lots of possibilities for those on both sides.”

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