Bristol proposes a ban on ALL diesel cars

Ban and congestion zone could be implemented from March 2021 if landmark ruling is approved

Bristol proposes a ban on ALL diesel cars

Bristol City Council has proposed a ban on all diesel vehicles from its city centre as well as a congestion charge zone for older commercial vehicles from 2021 in a bid to reduce air pollution.

If approved, it would be a landmark ruling, becoming the first UK city to impose an outright ban on diesel passenger cars.

Even the latest – and cleanest – diesel cars would not avoid the restriction.

A clean air zone would also include a congestion charge affecting non-compliant commercial vehicles, which would have to pay a fee to enter the city centre.

Private cars would be included in the ‘small area diesel ban’ in a designated section of the city, they would escape the wider congestion charge.

The plans include the introduction of a vehicle scrappage scheme to help those with diesel cars replace them with petrol or greener hybrid and electric models.

Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees, said: “These ambitious plans demonstrate our commitment to tackling air pollution so we meet legal limits within the shortest time, without disproportionally affecting citizens on lower incomes which would happen with a blanket approach to charging vehicles.

“Protecting the most vulnerable people from pollution is central to these plans and we have ensured that all impacts have been carefully considered.

“If approved, mitigation measures will support those most affected, especially those living in the most deprived communities.”

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    Mel scott

    What a joke. Going to have serious implications on Buiness and the motor trade , not just car sales of new and old Buiness in the motor sector and Hugh street and garages buiness . The motor trade are in for very difficult times and it not right for those S in the trade and other tradesman that need their vehicles to go about their living

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    David Evans

    I think it’s appalling that people who have spent a lot of money buying a late model diesel are also included in the ban, have all the councillors gone over to electric bin lorries buses etc it’s just moving too much too fast.

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    I’ve never had a reason to visit Bristol, now it appears the council don’t want me to visit !

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