British man jailed in Dubai for sending car dealer complaint over “death-trap” car

Brit sent angry message to seller asking "how do you sleep at night?" and claiming he had been ripped off

British man jailed in Dubai for sending car dealer complaint over “death-trap” car

A British man working in Dubai was jailed after he complained to a car dealer about a second-hand Volkswagen Golf, The Sun has reported.

Yaseen Killick, 29, paid £6,000 for the car just hours before it broke down.

Mr Killick then discovered that the car previously been written off and so messaged the seller: “How do you sleep at night knowing you are ripping people off?”

After the dealer complained to police, Mr Killick was stopped by police at Dubai airport as he attempted to catch a flight home for Christmas with his wife.

He was put behind bars for three weeks and fined £1,000 before getting thrown out of the country.


Mr Killick said: “It was a nightmare.

“The prison conditions were horrific.

“I was treated appallingly — all for sending a WhatsApp message.”

Wife Robyn, said: ‘We have lost our home and our jobs and it’s been horrible all over this guy ripping us off and we are so badly out of pocket.

”We went there to try as a last adventure before coming back to England and getting married and starting a family but it’s left us really badly out of pocket.”

Radha Stirling, of pressure group Detained In Dubai, said: ”The United Arab Emirates has some of the strictest cyber crime laws in the world and many people have fallen foul of them – even if they are outside of Dubai.

“Anyone who sends a message to someone in Dubai on electronic media that is critical or a complaint then they can find themselves subject to a police investigation and if convicted they can be fined or even imprisoned.”

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