Catalytic converter thieves increasingly targeting hybrid vehicles

Stolen cats are being passed from unlicensed scrap collectors to unscrupulous licensed companies, reports suggest

Catalytic converter thieves increasingly targeting hybrid vehicles
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Stolen vehicle recovery expert, Tracker, is warning hybrid vehicle owners of to be extra vigilant and to take the necessary precautions amidst a rise in thieves targeting hybrids for their catalytic converters.

As sales of plug-in hybrid vehicles continue to grow at pace, so too do the number of catalytic converter thefts.

New figures from police forces in England and Wales report a six-fold increase in thefts.

Criminals sell the parts as desirable spares or simply for the value of the precious metals they contain – rhodium, palladium and platinum.

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Clive Wain, head of police liaison at Tracker said: “Plug-in and self-charging hybrid vehicles are a highly desirable target for thieves as their catalytic converters, which turn the noxious gases in a car’s exhaust system into less harmful substances, are less corroded than those in petrol and diesel vehicles which rely on them more.

“But there are simple steps owners can take to protect their vehicle, including physical barriers to make thieves think twice before targeting their car.

“Installing an alarm that activates if the vehicle is lifted or tilted are particularly effective and owners should consider investing in a catalytic converter protection device or marking system.

“Fitting a stolen vehicle recovery device, such as those on offer from Tracker will ensure that if a car is stolen, it will be located and recovered quickly before the essential parts are removed for re-sale.”

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It has been reported that senior figures in the scrap industry believe the stolen catalytic converters are being passed from unlicensed scrap collectors to some unscrupulous licensed companies, from where the precious metals become untraceable.

Whilst in 2013 the Scrap Metal Dealers Act was introduced – in response to escalating copper thefts at that time – authorities say that law must be enforced to stop today’s precious metal thieves.

Cash sales for metal must be banned and more stringent identity checks should be put in place on sellers, according to Tracker.

Tracker offers a range of devices compatible with hybrid and electric vehicles, including battery powered devices that do not need to be wired into the vehicle’s electrical system.

A Thatcham approved Tracker solution can reduce electric vehicle insurance premiums as well as warn owners of technical faults and highlight servicing requirements before issues become major problems, helping to reduce garage fees.

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