Brake pad wire clamp warning for technicians

Failure to correctly seat pad wire clamps will cause caliper damage, warns Apec

Brake pad wire clamp warning for technicians
Latest Apec advice concerns PAD1195, PAD1287 and PAD1328.

Apec Braking has issued a new technical bulletin which warns technicians about the dangers of incorrectly fitting brake pads with wire clamps.

In the bulletin, Apec say: “Some Brake Pads are fitted with wire clamps on the back plate.

“The inner (piston side) pads are fitted with wire clamps.

“These must be correctly seated into the external groove cut into the piston.

“This device ensures that the pad remains in contact with the piston at all times and is essential for the correct operation of the caliper.

“Failure to observe this will result in serious brake noise and damage to the caliper.”

Pads affected include PAD1195, PAD1287 and PAD1328.

For further information about Apec and for Apec’s latest bulletins, click ‘more details’ below.

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