Autoelectro maintains high standards with renewed ISO certification

In quality management, environmental sustainability plus health and safety

Autoelectro maintains high standards with renewed ISO certification

Autoelectro has successfully renewed its ISO certifications for quality management (ISO 9001), environmental sustainability (ISO 14001), and occupational health and safety (ISO 45001).

Regaining these certifications after a rigorous audit underlines Autoelectro’s dedication to:

  • Exceptional Product Quality: Their ISO 9001 certification ensures consistent delivery of high-quality starter motors and alternators.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Autoelectro prioritises minimising its environmental impact through efficient resource utilisation and responsible remanufacturing processes, as highlighted by its ISO 14001 certification.
  • Employee Wellbeing: The ISO 45001 certification emphasises Autoelectro’s commitment to a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. They prioritise risk mitigation and promote ongoing safety training.

Autoelectro views this renewal as a validation of its existing approach and a springboard for continued improvement.

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