Autologic releases new software updates

Latest updates cover a VAG, BMW and Land Rover models

Autologic releases new software updates

Autologic has confirmed the release of software updates for a large range of VAG and BMW models, coinciding with DoIP software updates for Land Rover models.

VAG functionality updates include added vent coolant system function to certain A4, A5, Q5, Q3 and TT models, added 0CW gearbox basic settings to Audi Q2 2017>, added brake pad replacement procedure to brake electronics on Audi Q3 and added 0CK gearbox basic settings to 4G Audi A6, 4G Audi A7.

BMW functionality updates include added BDC short circuit procedure for all F and G series.

Land Rover updates

Meanwhile, Land Rover functionality updates include added DoIP module programming for IPC and PCM (DrivePRO & AssistPlus PRO).

New models have been added with fault read/clear, dynamics, quick test and service reset

Additional Land Rover updates include improved dynamics for L462 Discovery 5, added 2.2L I4 air path setup test for Range Rover Evoque 2012-2015 and added 2.2L I4 air path dynamic test for Range Rover Evoque 2012-2015.

Blue Box limitations

Autologic has said that, due to “the advancements of today’s required technological innovations”, Blue Box device software and memory capacity limitations mean that it will have no, or limited DoIP and Programming capabilities.

For Blue Box pre 8000 units, there’s no DoIP diagnostics for new vehicles and no DoIP programming available.

For Blue Box post 8000 units, DoIP diagnostics are available for new vehicles but no DoIP programming is available.

An Autologic spokesperson said: “Regardless of technology advancements, our diagnostic support is always available to you.

“However, if you do need DoIP diagnostics and programming please speak to our team about our device upgrade offers.”

For further information call support on 01865 870 050 or select ‘more details’ below.

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