Banner Batteries adds to booster range with two new models

High performance boosters powers by 23Ah AGM battery

Banner Batteries adds to booster range with two new models

Representing the most modern devices of their kind, and designed in-house by Banner, the new boosters provide maximum booster power and increased functionality, and are suitable for all vehicles.

As Banner’s UK country manager, Lee Quinney injects: “The PB12 and PB12/24 power combine optimum performance with proven technology to deliver improved functionality.

“They serve to complement Banner’s exiting range of professional chargers, testing devices and boosters, and we are confident that they will be widely adopted by our UK aftermarket customers.”

Particularly adept at assist starting in extreme temperatures and their ability to beef up vehicles in seconds, the main features of the new-to-ranger power boosters include a A12 Volt DC output that facilitates battery charging from external sources.

Also incorporated is an additional 2.1 USB outlet that can accommodate tablets and Smartphone.

Featuring a solid housing that is suitable for demanding outdoor use, inbuilt reverse polarity protection with an acoustic warning guarantees simple and safe handling.

Additionally, an on/off switch prevents both short circuits in the terminals and battery discharge, while an LED light on the tip of the negative, curved terminal makes working in the dark easier.

An integrated robust, flexible and long cable also serves to makes operation simpler. Finally, an inbuilt, large LCD display shows a range of test functions, such as the voltage of the vehicle and booster batteries in both volts and percentages.   

For further information relating to availability and pricing, call 01889 571100, or click the ‘more details’ link.

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