Banner Batteries announce partnership with Batteries & Solar

Battery brand strengthens presence across the South West

Banner Batteries announce partnership with Batteries & Solar
Plymouth-based Batteries and Solar directors, Jonathan Millmore (left) and Darren Wallace.

Banner Batteries has has signed a major product distribution agreement with Plymouth-based Batteries & Solar Ltd.

Created in 2016 following the merger of West Country Batteries and Off Grid Technologies, Batteries & Solar today stands as the largest supplier of off grid power solutions in South West England.

As a specialist supplier of batteries to the automotive, motor home, camper van, and marine sectors, Batteries & Solar now has access to Banner’s complete battery inventory, taking in the Running Bull, Energy Bull, Starting Bull, Buffalo Bull, Power Bull and RedPower products.

Batteries & Solar directors, Jonathan Millmore and Darren Wallace said: “To have a top European manufacturer and OE supplier recognising and supporting our vision for battery distribution in the region is very exciting.

“Furthermore, having a team behind us that can help with marketing strategy, promotions, technical support and literature is priceless, as we are now able to confidently offer our customers a premium product at a competitive price.

“We also have an assurance of continuity of supply, something that frequently eludes distributors who typically buy from other distributors or wholesale.”

Batteries & Solar, Banner’s UK country manager, Lee Quinney said: “The partnership represents the coming together of two like minded organisations.

“The team of Batteries & Solar are not only passionate about what they do, but are highly respected across the South West.

“And now they are armed with a high quality product from a leading OE manufacturer, we are confident that both companies will enjoy an increased level of success across a variety of market sectors.”

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