Banner Batteries launches heavy duty battery tester

12V and 24V battery charging system provides rapid printouts

Banner Batteries launches heavy duty battery tester
The new heavy duty BBT HD from Banner Batteries.

Having recently introduced two new models to its battery booster range, Banner Batteries has now launched a new heavy duty BBT HD1 battery tester.

Using the heavy duty BBT HD1, the charging status, voltage and many other features can be tested without unnecessarily burdening the battery.

Lee Quinney of Banner Batteries UK said: “Whilst as its name suggests, the BBT HD1 is a heavy duty tester, it is extremely lightweight and easy to operate.

“Standing as a quick and reliable testing when it comes to checking of motorcycle, car and truck batteries, the device is ideal for 6V and 12V standard, start/stop and truck batteries.”

Straightforward in terms of its operation, the BBT HD1 tester features a robust housing, and operates as a 12V and 24V battery charging system that provides rapid printouts.

Micro-controlled measurements ensure precise, immediate results and menu guidance presents a choice of six languages, which are shown on a large, illuminated four-line display complete with graphics.

An integrated graphic printer documents all measured values with a date and test codes that can be used by garage technicians to discuss with customers.

Software is also included for the logging of the measurement results on PCs.

These can then be used to ascertain whether action is required in order to maintain top battery performance.

For further information call 01889 571100 or select ‘more details’ below.

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