Tyre shop management system to improve profitability and customer experience

Roll out of new system expected to create more opportunities to sell tyres, alignments and TPMS sensors

Tyre shop management system to improve profitability and customer experience
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Bartec Auto ID has said that its recently launched service centre system can improve service centre efficiency, increase sales and ultimately profitability across tyre shops, whilst significantly enhancing the customer experience.

Bartec supply an innovative range of sophisticated electronic tools to measure tread depth, wear pattern and tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) and has recently extended the portfolio to include monitoring of batteries and brakes.

Relevant data and images can be automatically connected to a point of sale (POS) and any other service centre system.

The information can then be used to assist a customer to make informed decisions about suitable products and services, creating a seamless and more personal experience.

It also enables the tyre shop manager to prepare professional client reports following a visit, as well as scheduling timely call backs, for example to flag up heavily worn tyres and to arrange new appointments.

A significant management benefit is the ability to have an overview of the comparative performance of individual tyre shops within a chain, so that targeted training and incentives can be employed to boost productivity, increase sales per customer and hence improve profitability, in what can be a traditionally low-margin sector.

Colin Webb, managing director of Bartec Auto ID said: “The consumer market is already widely adopting use of mobile devices, such as tablets and apps, to integrate business processes, for example within the hospitality sector to order food at tables, with instant connection to the kitchen, resulting in faster communication and greater customer convenience.

“Similarly, many modern car dealerships use connected systems to capture inspection data during services and to highlight faults, often using video material, which is then shared with the customer to decide if work is to proceed.

“Currently however, vehicle inspection records are captured with pen and paper in many tyre shops, with these hand written reports rarely presented to the customer; this approach does nothing to build credibility or trust and does not aid two-way communication.

“Bartec’s service centre management system represents a natural progression for tyre shops, following the introduction of TPMS and other electronic tools to test sensors, receivers and ECU on the vehicle.

“All of these are technology-driven and technicians have quickly adapted to using them.

“We believe therefore that there is great scope to roll out our service management system and to create more opportunities to sell tyres, alignments, TPMS sensors, service kits and other vehicle parts, helping to grow a tyre shop’s overall business.”

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