Air-conditioning an “untapped opportunity,” says specialist

Profit is in diagnosing and repair of air con problems not regassing

Air-conditioning an “untapped opportunity,” says specialist

The ability to effectively service and repair vehicle air-conditioning systems is an untapped, growing opportunity, according to the owner of the country’s largest air-conditioning specialist, Bee Cool.

David Fry, owner of Bee Cool ACS, claims that the profit in air-conditioning is “not in the regassing but in the diagnosing and repair of problems”.

He said: “The air-conditioning system on modern vehicles is working hard across a number of areas and will play an an even bigger role in the future with the cooling of hybrid and electric vehicles.

“As we have proven, air-conditioning repair can be a standalone, all-year-round business.”

Fry goes on to add that as with electric vehicles, there is a skills shortage on A/C repair and has set up a Bee Cool licensee programme to upskill independent workshops and technicians.

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“I don’t want to leave this industry without the chance to give back and demonstrate the air-conditioning opportunities available to garages nationwide,” he explains.

“With well over 98 per cent of new vehicles fitted with air conditioning, there is scope for workshops and technicians to add another service to their business and raise their professionalism, ensuring they keep hold of customers.”

Annual servicing of an air conditioning system is also not carried out as standard, argues Fry, and this leads to a build-up of moisture in the system, which can lead to breakdown and potentially cause internal damage to the A/C system.

“Workshops have an opportunity to promote effective A/C system maintenance,” Fry says.

“Annual checks should include a refrigerant and oil change, check of refrigerant quantity, pressure and temperatures, checking of hoses, drive belts, wiring harnesses and changing of pollen filters.”

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