New air-con network to help garages gain from “untapped opportunity”

Key to air conditioning profit is not servicing and recharging but in diagnosing problems, specialist claims

New air-con network to help garages gain from “untapped opportunity”

A new vehicle air-conditioning support network is offering automotive workshops the opportunity to gain 100 per cent profit from diagnosing potential issues with a vehicle’s air conditioning system accurately, professionally, and correctly.

Bee Cool ACS, the largest vehicle air conditioning specialist in the UK, recognises that the profit in air conditioning is not in the servicing and recharging of systems as most currently think, but in diagnosing problems, and is encouraging garages to join a new network and embrace specialist knowledge that will enable them to accurately diagnose the 20 per cent of vehicles that have an issue.

Statistics show that 98 per cent of all vehicles produced in 2020 have factory-fitted A/C systems, and as there are new HFO-1234 air conditioning systems with engine heat exchangers, and electric vehicles that use the air conditioning system to cool the batteries and axles, demand throughout the market is set to increase significantly.

Licence partnerships

Bee Cool ACS is now looking to develop its existing network through new strategic licence partnerships with garages who want to add to their current business.

Partners will be able to make a profit from the diagnosis of an issue, parts and labour, as well as raise their level of professionalism to their customer, stopping the customer looking elsewhere for a solution to their air conditioning problem.

Each licensee will operate within an exclusive territory.

“A clear opportunity”

David Fry, Bee Cool ACS owner, said: “There is a clear opportunity for workshops in diagnosing air conditioning problems and we strongly encourage garages to embrace it and add another string to their bow.

“We’re extremely excited about this next step in our journey and will support our partners every step of the way.”

As a Bee Cool licensee, garages will be provided with a full video-calling diagnostics service to ensure that they can diagnose and successfully repair any air conditioning problem, in real-time while the vehicle is on site.

Licensees will also have access to Bee Cool’s buying power for consumables such as A/C gas, oils and parts supplies, ensuring they make the maximum profit available from each job, as well as the very best air conditioning equipment that the market can offer, used by Bee Cool ACS in their own workshops.

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Full training in all areas of the business is provided, from operations and product, to customer service, and franchisees also receive a full stock and equipment package, marketing materials and branded paperwork, Bee Cool branded workwear and promotional items, and have access to processes, systems and templates to run the business.

Bee Cool has spent more than 15 years establishing itself as the largest air conditioning specialist in the UK and is now firmly established as an approved tier one supplier and is a prototype contractor to many well-known vehicle manufacturers.

With eight repair bays and six full time workshop technicians to service all its customers, the company also offers air conditioning pipe repairs and fabrication for customers by post all over the UK and Europe.

Bee Cool ACS is also looking for ten investors into a stand-alone retail offering for the large cities.

For more information on becoming a Bee Cool licensee, call 01536 428243, email [email protected] or select ‘more details’ below.

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