BG Products to present new business opportunities for garages at AutoInform

Company encourages garage professionals to get "hands-on"

BG Products to present new business opportunities for garages at AutoInform
BG Products is proud of its investment in research and development, saying its aim is to be a "partner helping garages".

BG Products are joining other leading diagnostics and training experts at AutoInform LIVE, the technical hands-on diagnostic weekend at the GTG academy in Wolverhampton, 25 and 26 November 2017.

The two-day event presents a fantastic opportunity for progressive technicians to evaluate new technology and gain new skills.

BG Products think techs should look no further than its new business opportunities designed to combat performance issues affecting today’s vehicles; the company say its unique range of intake, DPF and EGR-deposit cleaning offerings are business-proven, ready for garages to take on and start benefiting from, right from plug-in.

Live demonstrations

BG incorporates live on-vehicle demonstrations of their tool-introduced products to show attendees how its high-quality chemistry can effectively be used to decarbonise combustion chambers, injectors, intake tracts, EGRs and clean DPFs and eliminates the need to remove fouled parts for cleaning.

Garage owners and techs can test tools and discuss models designed to improve their business and witness new techniques in place at service centres across the UK that are good for both the customer and their business.

As well as developing pour-in products such as BG44K, renowned for its ability to restore the power and economy of car engines, BG has designed and built its own suite of innovative tools to clean key components and a range of pressurised fluid exchange systems for power steering, coolant and transmission systems.

The BG power steering exchange is particularly popular as it exchanges fluid in just four minutes.

With modern emissions systems, such as EGR valves and DPFs, additional deposit problems began to increasingly appear, presenting continual challenges for mechanics but also new revenue opportunities.

“Partner helping garages”

The BG diesel intake and emissions system service uses ground-breaking technology to restore the DPF, while simultaneously performing an effective intake system cleaning, to tackle the real, hidden problems of inefficient combustion and/or combustion of vaporised oil seeping past restricted piston rings.

“We pride ourselves in two things in particular” says Paul Dobbyn, director of Powerflow Ltd, sole distributor for BG Products in the UK.

“First is the level of research and development that we put into our products prior to launching.

“Secondly, we see our goal as being a […] partner helping garages to optimise profit through offering services that are good for the customer, and for their business.”

Central to BG’s commitment to maintaining the operational systems of today’s and tomorrow’s vehicles, the company seek prolonged trouble-free automotive performance for every BG customer.

Mr Dobbyn added: “Speak to informed garage professionals who have witnessed the long-lasting effectiveness of our maintenance regimes and they will recommend you use BG Products to clean, or keep clean, the inside of your car’s engine.

“A clean engine is more efficient, more economical and more powerful.”

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