Bosch celebrates 30 years of KTS diagnostic equipment

Today KTS modules complement exhaust gas testers and vehicle system testers

Bosch celebrates 30 years of KTS diagnostic equipment
Bosch KTS diagnostic solutions over the past 30 years.

In 1988 the Bosch KTS 300, the first diagnostic tester, allowed independent workshops to check electronic vehicle systems – named KTS or “Klein-Tester-Serie”, German for “series of small testers”.

“Since the company was founded, Bosch has been a name that stands for development competence, technical quality and reliability.

“We were among the first companies that started to meet these requirements in the field of control unit diagnostics,” says Oliver Frei, regional president Europe at Bosch Automotive Service Solutions, describing the motivation behind driving continuous further development of KTS diagnostic testers.

“We have always aimed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of everyday tasks in workshops, by means of our diagnostic testers and modern software.

“Diagnostic solutions fit for the future of workshops – that’s what drives us,” Frei continues.

The 30-year success story of Bosch diagnostic testers will continue– thanks to optimised control unit diagnoses and new generations of KTS testers providing future-oriented hardware solutions.

“Bosch Hammer”

When the first KTS was launched, it was able to handle the engine management data of three different makes of cars.

But the number of control units KTS was able to test grew rapidly, by 1999 it allowed control unit diagnoses on some 120 systems from 25 different vehicle manufacturers.

The automotive sector soon got to know the KTS 300 as “Bosch Hammer” and as a synonym for engine testers.

In 1999, the Bosch ESI[tronic] workshop software was launched, introducing another important milestone for control unit diagnostics and further development of the KTS series.

Quarterly updates that were originally on CD and then on DVD, are now mostly online and make sure workshops are always provided with up-to-date diagnostic data that is suitable for even the latest vehicle models and control units.

Competence in control

Several electronic vehicle systems used as original equipment by vehicle manufacturers around the world have been developed by Bosch engineers.

For 30 years, Bosch has been a leader of control unit diagnostics.

While the demands placed on technically qualified and efficient diagnostics in automotive workshops grew, Bosch continuously improved its KTS and ESI[tronic] workshop software.

Today, KTS modules complement exhaust gas testers and vehicle system testers.

They are both either integrated into a trolley housing a PC, screen and printer or available as part of handy tablet computers suitable for mobile use in workshops.

Using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or LAN, they can be connected with other testers, with the workshop network or even with the Internet.

In addition, they also support all common communication protocols used by electronic vehicle systems.

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