Bosch Service Training Centre talks EVs on BBC Breakfast

The Bosch Service Training Centre has appeared on BBC Breakfast to discuss the shortage of electric vehicle technicians in workshops.

Some 90,000 automotive technicians will be required to provide sufficient workforce to service the volume of zero emissions vehicles predicted to be on UK roads by 2030, new analysis by the IMI suggests.

However, the professional body is predicting that there will be a shortfall of 35,700 technicians by 2030, with 2026 marking the point at which the skills gap will materialise.

Bosch UK recognises that whilst technicians are still fixing cars powered by petrol or diesel, this now needs to be in conjunction with the demand for hybrid and electric transport.

The BBC spoke to Alex Gibson, the course trainer at Bosch UK, to find out how technicians are being trained so that they can service and repair all cars – click ‘more details’ below to listen.


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