Bosch choose Swarfega for new training facility

Bosch choose Swarfega for new training facility

Hands in an automotive environment are vital tools to get the job done.  From vehicle maintenance and repair workshops or bodyshops through to vehicle breakdown services, automotive technicians are exposed to a wide variety of grime, irritants and temperatures. The unfortunate result can be visible skin problems ranging from red, sore, chapped skin through to serious instances of occupational dermatitis.

The associated costs can be significant. Besides personal costs for staff, occupational problems may lead to disruption costs – such as lost productivity through employee absence, reduced employee efficiency and poor staff morale. 

So, when BOSCH announced the opening of its purpose-built training centre for use by their apprentices and distributors, skin care experts Deb seized the opportunity to present their world-class skin safety solutions to them.

Phil Spark, Deb’s UK Marketing Director explains: “We felt that our skin care system would be the ideal solution for BOSCH’s training centre. Deb’s skin care system comprises a complementary range of skin care products and support activities, encouraging technicians to develop the best practice skin care regime early in their career to help prevent skin problems later. Sealed cartridges mean there is no chance of cross-contamination unlike traditional ‘dip-in’ buckets.”

Ken Geer, BOSCH’s Senior Trainer comments: “Having invested in a multi-million pound state-of-the-art training facility, aimed at the Independent Automotive Aftermarket, it has been imperative that the interior specifications match the quality of the facility. DEB have been selected to install their Swarfega skin care system into the Bosch Service Training Centre. The system, that includes pre-work and after-work creams, provides a reduced risk of dermatitis for all the technicians using it.”


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