New super-efficient Bosch Andiamo machines boasts 99 per cent gas recovery

Newly-expanded air conditioning service range now consists of 11 models

New super-efficient Bosch Andiamo machines boasts 99 per cent gas recovery
Bosch’s new Andiamo air conditioning servicing machines offer improved air conditioning revenue generation for automotive workshops.

Bosch’s new Andiamo air conditioning servicing machines are faster, more efficient and environmentally friendly

From the entry-level ACS 561 to the premium ACS 863, Bosch says that there’s a perfect Bosch air conditioning servicing machine for every independent workshop.

With nearly 90 per cent of cars in the UK now having A/C, but only 56 per cent of independent garages having an A/C servicing machine, those investing in the right training and equipment are making very healthy profits.

Bosch’s new Andiamo machines boast a super-efficient 99 per cent refrigerant recovery rate, compared to 90-95 per cent on other units.

Cost savings

Not only are they more environmentally-friendly, with less harmful gas escaping into the atmosphere, they deliver significant cost saving benefits.

Based on a 7-year lifespan and 5 services per week for 50 weeks a year, a Bosch Andiamo machine can save a workshop in the region of 9 bottles of R1234yf refridgerant over other machines.

In cold hard cash terms, that means a better return on investment (ROI) of £3,220 for R1234 yf or £1,225 for R134a.

Free database updates

What’s more, an offer of free database updates over the product lifetime will deliver a further saving over other Bosch ACS machines, usually £90 per upgrade.

The new ACS 863, ACS 763 and  ACS 753 units all feature a swivelling control panel, are compatible with hybrid and electric vehicles, and have the deep recovery function for full evacuation of the vehicle A/C system.

For increased convenience and further reduced repair times, the ACS 863, ACS 763 and ACS 753 feature an integrated leak test for inert gas and can be controlled remotely via the Bosch smartphone app.

Maximise profits

Kevin Higgs, product specialist, Europe North, said: “Our new Andiamo ACS machines help independent workshops to maximise profits by saving both time and money, and they’re more environmentally friendly too.

“The 99% refrigerant recovery rate raises the bar in aftermarket A/C servicing and technicians will love the smartphone features which enable you to query the current work status at any time and receive a push notification when the maintenance function is complete.

“A/C is almost ubiquitous already and with electric and hybrid vehicles using it to heat and cool components its future is secure.

“Our industry benchmark training courses ensure that technicians develop the necessary skills, while our Bosch ACS machines make A/C servicing simple, safe and efficient.

“There’s really no reason why you should be letting customers go elsewhere when you can do it yourself, provide great customer service and generate additional revenue.”

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