Advice on protecting a new turbo

Advice on protecting a new turbo

Both you and your customers want the new turbos you fit to be long lasting and reliable. BTN have always advised finding what caused an old turbo to fail and eradicating the fault. Now they’re taking recommendations a stage further.

Keep the oil flowing

An uninterrupted supply of clean, correct grade oil is essential for the longevity of any turbo. As turbos become more complex and work harder to extract remarkable power outputs from smaller capacity engines, that oil supply becomes more critical than ever.

Critical applications

Deposits and blockages in the turbo oil feed pipe can reduce or even prevent the supply of oil to the turbo, leading to serious, probably terminal damage. To reduce this risk, BTN recommend you fit a new oil feed pipe when replacing the turbo.

Pipes available with selected turbos

BTN are now stocking new oil feed pipes for a range of popular applications, available when you buy a BTN-supplied new OEM or remanufactured OMX turbo. This saves you the hassle of having to source the oil feed pipe separately. Fit a new pipe, and you’ll have eliminated another potential reason for failure.

Call the BTN Turbo helpline on 01895 46666 to check if we recommend an oil feed pipe kit for the turbo you’re replacing. 

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