BTN 2 year warranty now covers OMX range too

BTN 2 year warranty now covers OMX range too

Now there’s extra peace of mind when you buy a turbo supplied by BTN. Whether it’s brand new OEM or OMX remanufactured, garages can relax knowing it’s covered by a two year warranty.

BTN already supported brand new turbos from the production lines of Garrett, BorgWarner, Holset, Mitsubishi, Schwitzer or IHI with a two year warranty against manufacturing defects. The quality and reliability of OMX turbos has made is possible to offer exactly the same two year warranty.

Whilst the term ‘remanufactured’ is used widely, BTN’s OMX remanufactured turbos come to BTN direct from the original manufacturer, and use 100% OEM parts, with the correct precision calibration – so installers know they’ll provide performance and reliability.

The two year warranty applies to ALL turbos supplied by BTN, new or remanufactured, for cars, light commercial and heavy commercial applications. 

BTN said: ‘Our warranties prove our quality. Ask for a turbo supplied by BTN, and be certain of performance, integrity and reliability.’

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