BTN say always 100% OE guaranteed

BTN say always 100% OE guaranteed

Every turbo supplied by BTN Turbo is 100% Original Equipment, exactly as the vehicle manufacturer fitted.

This means whether the turbo is brand new or remanufactured, it conforms completely to original standards, provides the correct performance and is totally compatible with the vehicle’s engine management system.

Non-original turbos can prove a false economy. They can even generate fault codes with the engine management system – indicating reduced power, higher fuel consumption or excessive emissions.

All BTN Turbo’s OEM brand new turbos are:

  • first fit, straight from the original manufacturer’s production line
  • balanced and calibrated to precise, correct tolerances
  • flow bench tested to provide correct performance

As Europe’s largest independent turbo distributor, BTN supplies turbos from all the major manufacturers including Garrett, BorgWarner, Holset, Mitsubishi, Schwitzer and IHI.

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