Watch: The true cost of non-genuine turbos

Video highlights the risks associated with 'cheap' replacement turbochargers

Watch: The true cost of non-genuine turbos

BTN Turbo, the turbocharger specialist, advises that while saving money on a non-genuine replacement might be tempting, motorists should be wary of the claims that they are a ‘like-for-like’ comparison.

According to BTN’s video, when turbochargers are spinning at 250,000 rpm and at more than 800 degrees celsius, ‘almost the same thing isn’t good enough.’

BTN says that with sub-standard components and incorrect calibration, a non-genuine turbo may be incompatible with the engine’s ECU, deliver poor performance and economy, increase emissions and could soon fail.

The end result is likely to be that garage owners will lose time and money replacing them, not to mention the reputational damage sustained too.

BTN’s advice is simple: do not take risks, always buy genuine 100 per cent OE turbos from BTN.

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