Opinion: Carbon cleaning is key for fleet businesses

Carbon Clean explains why fleet operators should invest in carbon cleaning machines

Opinion: Carbon cleaning is key for fleet businesses

Commercial fleets are typically at the heart of businesses.

Whether they are HGV’s assisting in distributing goods, vans used to get sales representatives out on the roads, or a fleet of Taxi’s helping customers to travel from one destination to another.

Developing and expanding commercial fleets is a huge investment for businesses. Therefore, it’s important that companies get the most life out of their fleets and that the vehicles within their fleet perform to the best of their ability.

One way to do this, is to ensure that the vehicles undergo frequent engine maintenance.

As this will help you to keep on top of your vehicle’s performance, whilst helping to prevent any big, costly issues relating to the engine.

Fuel efficiency is another major factor which affects the profitability of fleet operators.

However many businesses do not realise they can dramatically improve fuel efficiency with regular carbon removal servicing.

Naturally as part of the combustion process, tiny carbon residue builds up with engine components and without correct HHO cleaning, this carbon causes all types of issues within the vehicle.

With Carbon Clean’s HHO technology, Commercial Fleet Owners can remove up to 100% of the carbon, soot and ash built up in their vehicle’s engines, including even the most stubborn carbon deposits lodged deep within components.

Investing in one of Carbon Clean’s HHO machines can dramatically help your commercial fleet.

Carbon Clean offers three different models, but it’s the the powerful CC-18 engine carbon cleaner that’s the perfect machine to clean large commercial vehicles in 30-60 minutes.

For further information call 203 507 0175 or email info@carbon-clean.co.uk.

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