V-Tech continues to support workshops

Special deals for outright purchases, deferred payment options and new lower finance terms

V-Tech continues to support workshops

Workshop equipment supplier, V-Tech is continuing to support the automotive industry during the ongoing pandemic.

The company, which specialises in the supply and installation of automotive garage equipment, says business is “stronger than ever”, despite the effects of Covid-19.

A V-Tech spokesman said: “All businesses including the workshop sector is really being tested during the pandemic, but as an established business we feel the need to create ways to support workshops in any way we can.

“I’m proud of the V-tech team for the range of measures to keep affordability and finance schemes low for the everyday workshop.”

V-Tech has made various efforts to support workshops with special deals for outright purchases, deferred payment options and introducing lower finance terms.

The spokesperson added: “We provide the exact spec that’s right for your business and sometimes that means we offer a lower grade model because that’s what is sufficient for the client.

“Clearly cashflow management has been key during this economic crisis.

“However, with V-Tech’s flexible finance options, workshops have still been able to invest in essential garage equipment.

“With deferred payments also available to provide extra flexibility for other immediate expenses.

“We don’t know how long this pandemic will last, but we do know that V-Tech aim to be there to support workshop owners the whole way through.

“From MOT Bays, to brake testers, to two post lifts and more, V-tech have the stock and experience in this market.”

For further information call 0208 498 1369, email sales@v-techuk.com or select ‘more detail’ below.

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