Fully integrated aftermarket digital radio

Fully integrated aftermarket digital radio

Media DAB from Celsus offers fully integrated digital radio at a price tag that is pleasantly surprising a growing number of motorists!

Current SMMT and Digital Radio UK data shows new car DAB fitment has leapt to over 35% (from only 5% just two years ago). This is just the beginning of the acceleration; rates are expected to top 50% this year on the way to universal fit by 2015.

The urgency is rising ahead of a government announcement, expected in the final quarter of this year, confirming a future digital switchover. Interest is also increasing on the back of a £10 million two year marketing programme which started early last year.

Despite all this the vast majority of vehicles already on UK roads don’t have DAB and there’s an education job ongoing. Many motorists still have old notions on cost (it’s no longer expensive) and coverage (it’s now very good indeed). The sales message is all about “choice” – a plethora of local, regional and national stations cover every conceivable listening genre. The other main improvement is of course the quality of the kit.

“The interest in our top end Media DAB range has really picked,” said Mark Baker, Celsus Marketing Director. “The systems are now much less expensive and a relatively easy professional install, drivers then get DAB choice and sound quality through the existing sound system and steering controls.”

The USB upgrade facility “future proofs” Media DAB meaning enhanced services like traffic announcements can be activated later on. It combines both plug and play ease with full integration by connecting behind the dashboard to the existing car radio. The kit includes the “black box” MediaDAB Digital Radio interface, antenna kit and universal power adaptor harness. You then add a vehicle-specific harness, the range of applications covered is continuing to grow every week.

Celsus are a leading in car entertainment solutions supplier who can provide you products, technical support and retail assistance. For further information please visit www.celsusice.co.uk or call 01202 664390.


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