How to promote and fit cabin filters

Workshops encouraged to share ‘extended pollen season’ message to highlight importance of regular replacement

How to promote and fit cabin filters
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Comline, supplier of aftermarket filtration products, has published expert advice for garage owners and technicians on how to promote and cabin filters.

When thinking of pollen season most will tell you this begins in the spring, however, according to the Met Office, pollen season can in fact start as early as January and end as late as November.

This is due to the different pollen sources which typically fall into three groups, tree, grass and weed.

This is bad news for sufferers of hay fever.

Better news however for the aftermarket industry as this extended pollen season provides an endless opportunity for suppliers, garages and technicians to promote the benefits of cabin filters and grow their business.


Nick Weir, Comline’s product general manager, said: “The cabin filter is a relatively low-cost item which first and foremost is there to protect the vehicle’s most important components – the driver and their passengers.

“However, this often-overlooked item also offers Motor Factors and Garages with fantastic commercial growth opportunities.

“Providing a steady revenue stream with plenty of scope for upselling to a more premium carbon filter, these products can deliver ‘healthy’ returns for garages and command strong margins.

“The key, however, lies with consistent education of the motorist and we’d therefore encourage technicians to join us in utilising the ‘extended pollen season’ message to articulate the importance of regularly replacing their cabin filter.”

With an ever-increasing array of makes and models on the market, Comline says it would be perfectly understandable for technicians not to be 100 per cent on the location and replacement of these parts – possibly why the product category is often overlooked.

Comline, a brand with extensive ‘all makes’ vehicle coverage, is keen to assist by supplying a selection of no-nonsense, vehicle specific, fitting guides for some of the more challenging or niche vehicles.

Take for example the Alfa Romeo Giulietta featured here; a simple guide designed to give technicians the confidence to sell and efficiently replace the cabin filter.

For further information about Comline, select ‘more details’ below.

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