Customers seldom offered reman services

Customers seldom offered reman services

Automotive remanufacturer BBA Reman, says 89% of customers have never been offered remanufacturing services on electronics.

In a poll of over 2,500 UK drivers, respondents were asked if, the last time they had a fault with an electronic element of their car, they were offered remanufacturing rather than replacement. 89% of drivers claimed they had never been offered this service. Of these, 96% said that they didn’t know remanufacturing was an option.

In a further poll of 1,300 mechanics, 70% admitted that they often fail to offer their customers the option of remanufacturing. Indeed 19% confessed that they themselves were unaware so many electronic car parts could be remanufactured at lower cost than replacement.

Chris Swan, founder of BBA Reman, said: ‘The results highlight the reason we are committed to informing car owners. By choosing automotive remanufacturing over replacing an electronic car part, not only can our customers save a substantial amount of money, they can also help the environment. ‘

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