Dayco set for Autoinform Live debut

November event to be held at GTG Training Academy

Dayco set for Autoinform Live debut

Original Equipment Suppliers Aftermarket Association (OESAA) member, Dayco, will head to the GTG Training Academy in November with renewed enthusiasm and excitement, with Autoinform Live set to finally go ahead after a two-year hiatus and the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) making its maiden appearance.

The ability to showcase its OE pedigree and knowledge at workshop level, the chance to meet face-to-face with technicians and understand their needs, was one of the main contributing factors for Dayco when it chose to join the OESAA membership.

Dayco Aftermarket national sales manager for UK and Ireland, Steve Carolan, said: “We see Autoinform Live as a great opportunity to transfer our knowledge to technicians. We’ll ask what they’re seeing in the workshop and what challenges they’re encountering, then we can use our skills in solving them.

“Water pumps, for example, are now driven on a lot of timing belt systems, and there are some difficulties that are associated with that – as an OEM, we’re in the perfect position to provide the solution and we’ll be showcasing that at the GTG Training Academy.

“In addition, we know that product installation can be tricky; there are vehicles that are known to be more difficult than others when it comes to replacement, rather than the products themselves, so, once again, Autoinform Live provides the perfect platform to engage with the technician.”

The education doesn’t stop there either: as well as Autoinform Live, Dayco’s team of experts regularly visit workshops and colleges, the latter part of the OEM’s goal of training the next generation of technicians.

Dayco, along with Motul and Fil Filter, has helped produce the first in a series of technical articles.

Experts from the three respective companies recently analysed a 1.2 Puretech Belt in Oil system, and, within the article, they offer guidance on efficient system diagnosis, part replacements, supporting services available and commercial advice.

These types of articles, along with more members joining OESAA, perfectly illustrates that the organisation is on the right path and building momentum, Steve believes.

“Articles and videos of this nature reinforces the knowledge and understanding that OEMs possess.

“There’s a plethora of information that is ready to be exploited and shared with technicians, and we’ve found there is a genuine appetite for it, so it’s an exciting time to be part of OESAA.”

OESAA chairman, Nigel Morgan, said: “Steve is absolutely right (about needing to create more technical content), and I’m delighted that Dayco has agreed to lead replacement articles on start/stop systems, including the starter generator and auxiliary belts.

“This unique approach gives workshops a holistic view of complete systems, showing their knowledge when it comes to fault diagnosis – OESAA is doing a fantastic job of bringing this information together for the benefit of independent workshops.”

As 2021 continues to go through the gears, for Dayco, business is buoyant; in fact, Steve believes the company and market as a whole are on course for another surge in demand over the next month or two.

What’s more, Dayco continues to be active with its customers and responding when the market dictates it; for example, in Northern Ireland, Dayco is currently running a promotion.

He said: “Brexit has brought several challenges to Northern Ireland, so, as a result of that, we’re running a national promotion, regardless of what group customers are part of or if they’re an independent, to try support businesses and drive sales – and so far, the response has been encouraging.”

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