Dayco water pump kits for complete aftermarket replacement

Water pumps increasingly incorporated into timing drive by vehicle manufacturers

Dayco water pump kits for complete aftermarket replacement

Technicians working under the bonnet on a daily basis will have noticed first-hand the move many vehicle manufacturers (VMs) have made to incorporate the water pump into the timing drive, rather than the auxiliary drive system, where it has been traditionally.

As with most of the adaptions they make, this is generally in order to help them achieve the engine emission and fuel consumption reductions that have been imposed by worldwide legislation.

This relocation has had a direct effect on the aftermarket because, as the timing belt is subject to a scheduled replacement interval, technicians now come into contact with the water pump more frequently than previously and it is therefore far easier for them to assess its condition during the belt change process.

As a consequence, more are found to be either in need of replacement, or are being changed as a ‘best practice’ precaution, so sales are on the rise.

Helpfully, power transmission specialist Dayco, has proactively responded to this development by adding a water pump to its timing belt kits to provide workshops with a complete aftermarket replacement solution.

Designated by the KTBWP classification, each of Dayco’s 300 plus water pump kits includes the replacement pump alongside the belt, tensioner and idler combination, with 75 of these references containing the patented Dayco High Tenacity (HT) or ‘white’ belt, which, with its PTFE film on its inner teeth and fibreglass core, has become the mainstay timing belt for many engine variants used for multiple applications by numerous VMs.

Water pump fitting tips

When installing a new water pump, technicians should follow a number of ‘best practice’ steps, some of which are often overlooked.

These include flushing the cooling system using a cleaning agent and rinsing it through before draining and removing the old water pump.

The entire cooling system should also be thoroughly examined to ensure it is in sound condition before the new pump is installed. It is also always wise to make a visual comparison of the two pumps to check the replacement is of identical specification.

Again, before installation of the new pump, clean and degrease all sealing surfaces, as well as the cavity where the pump fits.

If the old pump is fitted with a seal or gasket, never reuse it, even if it looks in good condition and only use the gaskets supplied with the kit, without adding any sealing compound, unless it is expressly specified by the VM.

Even under these circumstances, it should be applied sparingly and only on the mating surfaces, not directly into the groove, as this is where the excess sealant is meant to go, to prevent it from entering the pump itself.

Avoid manual rotation of the impeller or pulley in its dry condition because this can damage the pump’s dynamic seal, so it is good practice to prime it with coolant before installation, as this will avoid the risk of such harm.

Install the pump without using excessive force, making sure it can rotate freely, then hand tighten the bolts before fully tightening and torquing to the VMs specifications.

Leave the system for an hour before refilling with the correct specification coolant.

When the engine is started, check the entire system for leaks, but do not be concerned if initially there is a limited amount of water loss from the water pump’s shaft seal, as this is normal during its bedding process and will stop in due course.

Naturally, conduct a road test following the replacement and recheck the system for leaks, but wait until the engine is cold before adding more coolant, if it is required.

The original equipment (OE) derived components supplied by Dayco, provide workshops with several tangible benefits from premium quality and fit first time installation, to increased durability and reduced warranty claims.

In addition however, when they fit an HT water pump/timing belt kit, Dayco can also provide them with an even greater level of reassurance by offering the opportunity to extend the existing two-year warranty by a further year.

The Long Life +1 year warranty is a perfect example of how Dayco’s technology can provide workshops with a ‘real-world’ competitive advantage over those fitting other brands.

It also gives the motorist a level of protection that cannot often be matched, even by the franchised dealer.

The combination of guaranteed OE quality products and practical support such as the Long Life +1 year warranty, therefore makes Dayco a great choice for workshops.

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