Advice on engine tuning for enhanced performance

Advice on engine tuning for enhanced performance

When looking at vehicle performance, engine tuning is often first consideration. Whilst changes may initially be made to software, air intake or exhaust, spark plugs can significantly improve vehicle performance too according to Martin Pring, manager of DENSO Aftermarket Sales UK.

Cars are designed to many criteria including comfort, efficiency and performance. Price remains an overriding factor as well, so vehicle manufacturers design and build cars to achieve a compromise that suits most car owners. This means there is always room to improve any one of these individual elements in the aftermarket !

The spark plug is at the ‘heart’ of the engine. Optimum fuel efficiency needs technologically advanced spark plugs. DENSO’s Iridium Power Spark Plugs feature DENSO’s patented 0.4mm iridium centre electrode and U-groove, giving the spark enough room to grow enabling optimum combustion and performance. A recent bench test using a motorcycle engine showed an improvement of 1.4% more horse power in output at 110 km/h.

DENSO Iridium Power’s contribution to improved performance is particularly notable during acceleration. Low required voltage and high ignitability guarantees a dramatic improvement in combustion. This enables rapid fuel response with fewer misfires so acceleration is significantly improved.

So instead of focusing on air intake, exhaust pipes and software when tasked with improving the power output of a vehicle, why not start with installing different spark plugs? Not only is performance improved but so is fuel efficiency – a clear double benefit for vehicle owners say DENSO who recommend Iridium Power Spark Plugs for better performance.

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