DENSO glow plug range updated with double-coil technology

Technology specifically designed for direct injection diesel engines

DENSO glow plug range updated with double-coil technology
Glow Plug catalogue updates two ceramic part numbers with advanced metal plugs.

DENSO has updated its extensive glow plug range, with the replacement of two ceramic glow plug part numbers.

Metal glow plugs DG-641 and DG-646 have superseded ceramic glow plugs DG-302 and DG-312, bringing more advanced technology to diesel engines.

There are no changes to applications and cross references and the metal plugs feature new double-coil technology.

This technology is specifically designed for direct injection diesel engines, with one heating coil and one regulating coil for a smoother running engine with reduced noise, vibrations and emissions.

Mike Sadler, technical specialist and assistant manager, DENSO Aftermarket UK said: “Engine efficiency has never been so important for motorists, so it’s vital that workshops and distributors are able to offer high quality replacement glow plugs.

“By updating our range we’re making sure they’re able to do that, and can make the most out of any sales opportunity.”

A complete overview of the DENSO glow plug range can be found in the recently updated catalogue.

Along with the latest product updates, the catalogue provides customers with installation best practices and product characteristics, in addition to product information and cross references.

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