DENSO launch EGT Sensor range

DENSO launch EGT Sensor range

DENSO have launched a new range of Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors (EGT Sensors) of 11 references covering four million vehicles for BMW applications.

EGT Sensors precisely monitor engine function for higher engine performance with lower emissions and lower fuel consumption.   DENSO introduced the world’s first original EGT Sensor in 1975. Today the latest product includes the world’s smallest sensing part.

“There is currently no equivalent product available to aftermarket customers,” explained Martin Pring, manager of DENSO Aftermarket Sales UK & Ireland.

DENSO Aftermarket’s expanding Engine Management Systems programme now includes Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensors, Ignition Coils, Fuel Pumps, Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valves and Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors.

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