DENSO outlines group’s green initiatives

Group sets out 'Eco Vision' 2025 plans and long-term policy for 2030

DENSO outlines group’s green initiatives

DENSO has outlined its long-term commitment towards environmental management and policies.

A DENSO spokesperson said: “DENSO parts are used in cars and trucks all over the world.

“We know we bear great responsibility towards the earth’s environment and population.

“Throughout our history, DENSO has developed advanced technologies and worked with the best talents to minimise negative environmental and societal impact.

“Today, there are two important plans which set out how we intend to become more sustainable: our Eco Vision 2025 and our Long-term Policy for 2030.”

The group aims to cut CO2 emissions by half with technologies that resolve global warming, energy, and resource issues.

Within product development, DENSO will contribute to reducing CO2 emissions from vehicles through the development of new technologies and products that improve fuel consumption and are compatible with a variety of fuels.

In addition, the firm will implement energy management initiatives which enable the recovery and reuse of heat energy emitted from cars and kinetic energy lost when decelerating.

At factories, it will promote the reduction of CO2 and aim for halving energy consumption through energy ‘just-in-time’ (JIT) activities corresponding to production fluctuations while improving logistics.


We want to reduce the impact of environmentally hazardous substances, emissions, and waste by half, as well as contribute to improved air quality by cutting vehicle emissions.

One of its initiatives links to resource recycling via our expanding parts rebuilding business, which is focused on product reconditioning, parts reuse and material recycling.

Biofuel research

We want to double our green activities, with programmes such as biofuel research and the creation of green spaces and communities.

To minimise environmental destruction from resource extraction, DENSO is focused on the development of alternative fuels and raw materials using biological resources that carefully take biodiversity into account, including the commercialisation of a plant-derived plastic radiator tank, businesses that make use of algae, and expanding research on biofuels.

In cooperation with local communities, DENSO is engaged in the maintenance and preservation of ecosystems.

A DENSO spokesperson said: “Our long-term policy for 2030 sets out our goal for the future, our principles, the business environment and our approach. 

“We aim to continue to contribute to a sustainable society by providing value related to two key themes: ‘green’ and ‘peace of mind’.”

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