DENSO wiper blades tested and proven to withstand extreme weather conditions

OE-supplier helping workshops maximise winter footfall with latest wiper blade technology

DENSO wiper blades tested and proven to withstand extreme weather conditions

Stocking up on high-quality replacement wiper blades could help workshops make the most of the remainder of the winter sales peak, DENSO reports.

Damaged or poor-quality wiper blades will already be causing an array of safety issues through lack of visibility this winter, meaning superior replacements are imperative for workshops to keep customers safe on the road, while helping boost customer satisfaction and retention in the process.

Offering four different types of wiper blades, the DENSO wiper blade range covers 94.2 per cent of the European car parc – offering something for almost every vehicle on the road.

Each wiper blade is built to OEM standards, delivering outstanding performance and safety for drivers across the winter period and beyond.

Hybrid wiper blades are the flagship of the range.

These blades align with OEM specification, while remaining stylish and subtle.

Their rigid graphite coat delivers a smooth, streak-free clean, while an advanced vertebrae provides exceptional surface-holding capabilities.

The range also consists of conventional wiper blades, flat wiper blades and rear wiper blades; each of which satisfy OEM specifications and are high-quality replacement products as a result.

As one of the leading suppliers of OE-quality wiper blades, DENSO recommends that drivers check wiper rubbers are in good condition and free of any cracks or excessive wear frequently, and attentive technicians can reap the rewards.

Other signs of worn wiper blades are stuttering wipers, markings being left on the windscreen and wipers that unevenly touch the windscreen.

Fatiha Laauich, marketing communications manager at DENSO Automotive UK, said “It’s easy to think following the festive season that we’re well on our way to warmer weather, but if anything weather conditions are forecast to worsen, and workshops should recognise this to make sure they can cater to the increased demand and help keep drivers safe and happy on the road.

“The trust you can build with new and returning customers can be crucial for workshops, and OE-quality Wiper Blades go a long way to building that trust.”

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