Glow plugs can warm up winter sales, says DENSO

September to March sees highest demand for glow plugs with 80 per cent of replacements taking place

Glow plugs can warm up winter sales, says DENSO
Cold weather can result in failed ignition and increase demand for Glow Plugs.

Stocking up on Glow Plugs over winter can help workshops boost sales during the peak service period and help build their customer service, according to aftermarket ignition specialist DENSO.

As the UK descends into the coldest winter in over ten years, workshops need to be doubly ready for the inevitable influx in customers with ignition problems caused by a cold snap.

While poor quality or damaged Glow Plugs can lie hidden for most of the year, they will struggle to warm up the combustion chamber in the cold weather, and fail to ignite a diesel engine.

With workshops experiencing a potential windfall in incoming ignition issues, replacement glow plugs are essential for workshops to keep drivers on the road, helping to boost their sales in the process.

DENSO’s most up to date 2018-2019 glow plug catalogue can help technicians easily access the supplier’s extensive glow plug range, with new additions including double coil technology and extended post-heating.

DENSO’s ceramic glow plugs rise to a temperature of 1000 celsius in under five seconds, whilst leading plugs reach a temperature of up to 1250 celsius, contributing to a faster and consistently successful ignition, and ultimately assisting workshops in supporting their customers more effectively.

Signs that a glow plug need replacing include a stuttering or misfiring engine, as well as the presence of white/blue exhaust smoke following ignition.

As not all drivers know the warning signs of damaged glow plugs, it’s important that technicians spot the signs of damaged glow plugs during vehicle servicing, and offer replacements.

If mechanics can effectively advise drivers, they can provide customers with the means to keep their car working whatever the conditions, while offering an excellent service.

Fatiha Laauich, marketing communications manager at DENSO Automotive UK, said “Despite the winter period being well underway, there remain many cold months ahead.

“This provides a great opportunity for workshops to capitalise on the increased winter footfall.

“Loyal customer bases are critical to the success of workshops, and quality products go a long way to earning that trust and ultimately, returning customers.”

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