All-makes and models ‘Digital-Servicebook’ launches in UK for independent garages

Garages urged to stop sharing data with main dealers and save time with innovative new service history platform

All-makes and models ‘Digital-Servicebook’ launches in UK for independent garages

Independent garages in the UK will soon be able to log vehicle servicing data into a single all-makes and models digital service portal, specifically developed for the automotive aftermarket.

Chief commercial officer at Digital-Servicebook, Henrik Pedersen said: “Time is money.

“Maybe you already know it, but do you live by it?

“Independent garages in the UK will soon be able to benefit from registering service at one platform on all makes and models while saving time and money.”

Digital-Servicebook, which is being launched in the UK, offers garages an alternative to vehicle manufacturer systems.

Currently technicians have to log vehicle service data on each individual vehicle manufacturer’s service portal, taking up to 15 minutes to complete per service.

Now though – Digital-Servicebook – means garages can update the digital service history of any vehicle in less than a minute.

The portal is approved by vehicle manufacturer warranties and backed with full legal support for ‘pro’ users.

100 per cent warranty approved service documentation

Henrik Pedersen added: “In the countries we currently operate in,, has set the standard for the way service documentation is done in the free aftermarket.

“Our goal is to provide a trouble free and easy environment for technicians to enter their service documentation, so that they can spend their time on what they should be doing, instead of losing time on the main dealers’ site.

“And we do of course back up our documentation with 100 per cent manufacturer warranty approval.”

For a successful warranty claim, vehicle manufacturers demand consumers to correctly document their service history.

To upload service history via Digital-Servicebook, technicians simply enter the data via an app or on the website via a computer, tablet or smart phone.

Garage customers will then be given access to the warranty-approved documentation online.

Henrik Pedersen, chief commercial officer at Digital-Servicebook.

Henrik added: “What many garages owners forget is that by using a vehicle manufacturer’s service portal, they are effectively handing over crucial information about their customer.

“All of the data you enter can be seen by the main dealers.

“It’s time to cut the cord and stop sharing customer data with your competitors.”

Digital-Servicebook advises independent garages to offer a unique service and to grow and retain their customer base.

The platform offers a service which allows garage customers to “see and prove” all aspects of a vehicle service.

A lot of main dealers do not allow car owners to see their service history, Digital-Servicebook say.

Who are Digital-Servicebook? was founded in 2015.

Located in Denmark, the platform offers English support.

The international business has users across the world and aims to support the UK’s independent garage sector.

The number of users on the platform continues to grow worldwide. collaborates with industry associations across Europe and is the only multi brand service book in the whole world that complies with EU legislation on service and documentation (EU) no. 461/2010.

“How will car owners be able to prove services has been carried out?” asks Sabine L Groth, sales manager at Digital-Servicebook.

“You can help them with that.

“By registering your services in, you can make sure that you make life easy for your customers.

“You will serve excellent customer service by making sure that they have 100 per cent transparency.

“They will be able to easily prove services has been carried out when they need to resell their vehicle or when facing a warranty issue – because of you.

“They will thank you with loyalty and they will have no reason to go elsewhere.”

MG Motor Denmark A/S uses Digital-Servicebook as its official service book.

Hyundai Denmark also used from 2019-2020.

Digital-Servicebook is currently offering independent garages a free 30-day trial – garage owners a can claim the trial here.

Henrik Pedersen concludes: “The future is digital and your customers expect to have their information, including service data, at hand either via an app or website.

“In the next couple of years, it is of great importance to be where the customers are – online, and with transparent and accessible information”.

For further information about Digital-Servicebook and to claim a 30-day free trial, select ‘more details’ below.

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