Why it pays to invest in a low-emission air conditioning service unit

Surging refrigerant prices will soon make refrigerant loss affordable, say experts

Why it pays to invest in a low-emission air conditioning service unit

Strict environmental laws and surging refrigerant prices will soon lead to a situation where motor garages will no longer be able to afford any refrigerant loss when repairing automotive air conditioning systems, warns specialist Dometic WAECO.

The company has said it already has a well-engineered solution for economical, eco-friendly air conditioning service with its low-emission service units which can achieve a refrigerant recovery rate of close to 100 per cent.

Two models are available for the car segment of the market: ASC 2500G for R 134a refrigerant and ASC 5500G RPA for the “new” R 1234yf refrigerant.

The patented solution is based on a four-step process which has a unique benefit over other manufacturers’ service units which means it also recovers and reuses the refrigerant contained in the used oil.

A Dometic WAECO spokesperson said: “A positive side effect is that the recovered amount of refrigerant can be exactly measured, so the service operator will be able to say for sure whether or not the air conditioning system is tight.

“Businesses investing in this future-oriented technology have an edge over their competitors.

“After all, the higher purchase price will soon pay off due to the savings on refrigerant costs.

“Workshops with an average number of service runs will save hundreds of pounds per year.

“Savings are especially impressive in case of high-capacity air conditioners, this is why Dometic WAECO now also offers a profitable solution for air conditioning service on buses and rail cars with its new ASC 3500G Low Emission service unit.”

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