WAECO promotes benefits of its low-emission ASC air con service units

Award winning WAECO ASC 5500 RPA service units could save garages over £900 a year, figures suggest

WAECO promotes benefits of its low-emission ASC air con service units
Operational software is available in more than 20 languages.

Independent garages could be losing money each time they complete an air conditioning service, according to Dometic Group who say refrigerant extraction without a low emission service unit will fail to completely empty the air conditioner.

Explaining the concept, a Dometic spokesperson said: “The compressor of the service unit is not able to empty the system complete a residue of 500 millibars of refrigerant remains in the air conditioner.

“Vacuum phase without low emission, the remaining refrigerant is extracted through the exhaust side of the vacuum pump, depending on the device between one and ten per cent.

“Oil drainage without low emission, the refrigerant needed for draining the used oil escapes into the environment through the ventilation holes of the old oil container.

“For each used oil drain operation, depending on the device, it is between 40 and 100 grams.”

However, through the collaboration between the compressor and the vacuum pump, extraction with a low emission unit will empty almost 100 per cent can be achieved.

Dometic adds: “Used oil drainage with low emission, the refrigerant needed for the drainage of the used oil is extracted through the vacuum pump out of the hermetically sealed used oil container and filled into the internal tank via the compressor.

“No refrigerant is lost.”

According to Dometic, annual savings for garages per year with the low-emission concept total around £942 per year – that’s £7,537 over eight years.

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