Draper Tools launches new ‘Expert’ welding helmet

New Draper Expert air-fed PAPR auto-darkening welding helmet aimed at professionals

Draper Tools launches new ‘Expert’ welding helmet

Draper Tools has launched the Draper Expert air-fed PAPR auto-darkening welding helmet to its wide range of welding accessories.

As the growing body of research shows, welding in unventilated spaces can have a seriously detrimental effect on health, particularly if experienced on a long-term basis.

When welding with stainless or galvanised steel, for example, poisonous chemicals are expelled.

But even non-toxic fumes can take their toll on health and are, at the very least, unpleasant when working.

Hence the rise in adoption of air-fed powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) welding helmets, which are expected to become a health and safety requirement in the workplace.

Suitable for TIG, MIG and arc welding, and grinding, Draper’s welding helmet can be used in operating temperatures between -10 and +55°C.

It’s powered by a solar cell and a lithium-ion battery, with a dual power source reducing the likelihood of running out of power.

The air-fed PAPR helmet delivers three levels of electronically controlled airflow via an easy-to-use adjustment knob – low, medium and high airflows of 150, 180 and 220L/min. A separate on-off switch ensures airflow isn’t terminated by mistake.

The air hose is fire retardant and includes a P3 filter, giving the highest level of protection.

An alarm warns of low airflow and battery – an essential feature in an environment when the sound of the airflow can easily be lost against background noise.

Draper’s auto-darkening helmet enables users to keep focused on the weld area when starting work and gives the greatest protection for the eyes by automatically switching on when the arc is struck.

It has a lens switching time of 1/25,000 seconds, and the outer lens can also be lifted, leaving the inner lens to protect eyes and breathing.

A draper Tools spokesperson said: “Draper’s air-fed PAPR helmet is designed to be protective, but it is also lighter than many others on the market.

“The comfortable headband is simple to adjust to enable an optimal fit.

“Part of the high-quality Draper Expert range, this new addition to the welding helmet range can withstand the demands of a busy garage and workshop.”

Draper’s comprehensive welding collection features 23 high-performance welders, three plasma cutters and a host of essential accessories and consumables.

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