Auto transmission cleans an “untouched market”, says expert

EDT Automotive automatic transmission cleaner flushes and conditions

Auto transmission cleans an “untouched market”, says expert
Designed to help garages take advantage of a profitable revenue stream while also offering long term benefits for vehicles, the auto transmission machine cleaner from EDT Automotive removes accumulated contaminants that build up over time.

Multi-award winning engine decontamination specialist, EDT Automotive is encouraging garages to advise their customers of the benefits of keeping their vehicles’ transmissions clean.

The company claims that its automatic transmission cleaner opens up untouched market for independent garages.

EDT Automotive’s managing director, David Holmes said: “Transmission fluid serves as the coolant and lubricant for transmission gears, ensuring they operate smoothly during each gear change, as well as keeping them from seizing and overheating.

“Transmission fluid’s specific viscosity is the key to better cleaning and lubrication. 

“As the fluid circulates it gathers dirt and metal shavings, which drastically alters the fluid’s viscosity over time.”

Transmission oil can deteriorate through the ‘hard’ use of vehicles: hauling heavy loads, frequent stop-and-go city driving and trailer towing all help to accelerate the deterioration of transmission fluid. 

Each of these driving situations increase the transmission’s operating temperature, putting more pressure on the transmission and its fluid.

“If you do a lot of driving under high-stress conditions, check the transmission level more often,” advises David.

“Transmission fluid is usually red, but it can come in different colours, and, as it deteriorates, it turns a shade darker.”

Signs of deteriorating transmission fluid

  • Problematic shifting of gears. Fluid with too much sludge or dirt can cause a sluggish transmission response
  • If a vehicle’s transmission fluid is polluted with contaminants, the car may surge as the tainted transmission does not allow for adequate fluid flow
  • The transmission needs to develop enough pressure to remain in the appropriate gear, which is why dirty transmission fluid saps it of hydraulic power. The contaminants in polluted transmission interfere with the flow of transmission fluid, causing gears to slip

In the event that motorists notice their vehicles exhibiting one or more of these signs, it’s usually time for a transmission flush.

An EDT Automotive full transmission clean works better than a simple drain and replacement of fluid, as it reduces the dirt, contaminants, and debris that build up over time. 

Thorough cleaning with a flush – which introduces a bespoke conditioner and cleaner to the transmission – reduces the amount of contaminants, which results in less wear and tear, thereby lengthening the life of the component.

David said: “A smooth drive requires paying attention to your transmission fluid. 

“Make sure your vehicle is always in good condition by prioritizing regular transmission cleaning.”

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