EDT Automotive achieves 100 five-star Trust Pilot reviews

Specialist hopes product confidence will reassure first-time users of the treatment’s "genuinely achievable results"

EDT Automotive achieves 100 five-star Trust Pilot reviews
The EDT machine is said to have a positive impact on carbon emissions, drivability and performance.

Multi-award winning engine decontamination specialist, EDT Automotive, has received in excess of 100 five-star Trust Pilot reviews from both customers and garage partners in just over 12 months.

EDT Automotive is one of the first companies of its kind to offer users the opportunity to submit honest feedback that is visible to all.

Customer, Jose Leandro Agrela, left his five-star feedback less than a week ago, commenting: “Just had the EDT treatment on my BMW 525d with 125,000 miles, and I must say it’s now running like new. It does make a really big difference to the running of the vehicle: I recommend this treatment to anyone.”

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Newly-appointed garage partner, Blacksmiths Garage, York, also took to Trust Pilot to share its opinion on the service: “We here at Blacksmiths Garage have an EDT machine and now offer full engine clean treatments on customer vehicles.

“After trialling the machine on our own vehicles first, as well as doing treatments on customers’ vehicles, I am happy to say we are delighted with the feedback and results we have achieved.

“We would recommend the treatment to anyone who has any issues, for instance: loss of power, flat spots or just generally rough running of their engine, and to anyone who would like to prolong the life of their current car.”


EDT Automotive managing director, David Holmes said: “In our experience, the most useful sales tool at our disposal is word-of-mouth.

“Positive feedback like this is absolutely invaluable to us, as it makes our jobs so much easier.

“It gives people the confidence to take on the EDT system, and once they’ve taken that first step we know that the results will speak for themselves.”

To find out more about EDT Automotive auto transmission and engine cleaning treatment call 01233 712341 or click ‘more details’ below.

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